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HongKong Radio, HK Station


Now you do not need a physical radio through the phone (Tablet , Android TV) + Network, You can listen to radio onlineNote: When you use the Action Network will listen to a slight increase in network usage****************1. If you install a similar "clean up the master (or Battery Saver)," the APP, you will "HongKong Radio" APP were added to the white list,It will not for some time broadcast will automatically stop, thank you
2. Listen to the radio using WiFi, please check the "Settings" -> "WiFi" -> "Advanced" menu option -> "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" -> Set "Always" item, it does not It will automatically stop broadcasting for some time****************
Features:A. Under the standby state can still listen to, reducing power consumptionB. provides a simple sleep time setting, time offC. provide status notification function, easy to return to the program or end of playD. When incoming or outgoing will automatically pause playback, will continue to play after hanging up the phoneE. interface clean, simple, and easy to operateF. "favorite station", which provides a list of all favorite channels and switching browsersG. my favorite channels can be stored in different national channelsMost countries provide different channels H. welcome to use the channel suggestion feature to share your favorite channelsI. Unplug the headset will automatically stop playing
* If you have installed LaZiO stations do not need to install this APP
History update:2016/01/05* Addition wake Stop playing time* Provides a Bluetooth headset or switch channels Wear* Lock screen settings2015/12/07* Change Notification visiablity level to public2015/12/05* Increased sleep time to stop playing and close WiFi.* Add recording function (Red -> Start recording, Green -> Stop Recording)* Due to update android SDK version, so be sure to back up my favorite re-run, with the next reduction to perform correctly.2015/10/1* Improved break times.* Updated android SDK version, so be sure to back up my favorites start again next Restore to perform correctly.2015/8/3* Bug Fixes* Added Android Watch play, pause control (can not switch channels)* Added Disconnection attempt to connect (beta test)* Added backup my favorites2015/7/6* Fixed Bluetooth headset does not automatically stop with disconnected* Bluetooth headset or headphone wire can pause, resume (can't switch channels)* Fixed wrong part, outgoing can not stop the problem* Adjustment [all channels / Favorites] switch to change the use of sliding around2015/5/12* AD bug fix* Fix Unable to listen to the taiwan station* Increase stability, improve network break frequency2014/04/30* Fixed some models automatically stop playing or not playing sound* After the repair does not continue automatically switching network* Radio Taiwan flow adjustment, improve the success rate of listening* Increase traffic buffer setting function2014/04/04* Fixed ASUS ZenFone unusable* Some amendments can not listen2014/04/02* Click on Search Channel will automatically play the radio and to improve stability* Update dropdown notification, as well as my favorite in descending order according to the order of addition* Added the last open APP autoplay function is set to listen to radio* Fixed some models incoming or outgoing not stop1.0.4* Unplug the headset automatically stops playback settings* To cancel the sleep timer* Unplug the headset automatically stops play----------------Thank you to all proposals friends